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Transformers Academy named "Business Training Disruptor" among 13,500 startups at VIVA Tech this May in Paris

Among 13500 Startups & Exhibitors with 165000 visitors Transformers Academy was recognized by Viva Technology as a "business training disruptor" 🏆 that is working to reshape the world! 🌎 

Waking up to this news after beyond intense week was a true gift and beyond expected recognition. Congratulation to our team! And great work Maka Health (techstars ‘23) & Parados for making it on the list as well!

Additionally, Transformers Academy had a breaking record of demos for Fortune 500 Companies 🚀 at Viva Technology since they deeply resonated with the painpoints we are solving! 

We started with comments "sounds like magic" and finished with 2-3 demos for the same companies, words "WOW", shocked faces and questions like "did you really just auto generated all these videos and content?" YES! We sure did!

IT was great to meet incredible people who are deeply committed to improving their workplaces and Future of Work, Just to name a few leaders in the space of AI innovation: AXATotalEnergiesABBNestléNespresso France S.A.S.MarsEDF and others!

We were also pleasantly surprised to make it on the curated list of top 10 companies to visit for a demo by created Viva Technology for 1 delegation from L'Oréal and 2 from CHANEL based on their needs they've shared with the Viva Tech prior to the conference.

We've successfully validated with Bogdan Stabryn exceptional quality of our FRENCH and ITALIAN languages out of 29 available 🌍 

In less then 15 min per course we created completely different courses for different industries and roles in the company just from 2 inputs and 3 clicks! 🔥 Few examples:

- Stock Market in US for Interns 💹 

- Introduction to "Company name" for new hires 👋 

- Recognize skin disease for veterinarians and nurses 🐱 

- History of "Company Name" for all employees 📕 

- Effective prompt engineering in "X" role 

- Emotional Intelligence for the employees at the bank "Z"

- "Company Name" Operations in Africa 🌍 

- Quality Assurance in AI era for product owners 

- Cloud Security for CISOs 

and maaaanny more! 

Are you ready to shape the Future of Work? Get in touch for a demo.


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