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Transformers Academy at Viva Technology, Paris 2024

Transformers Academy kicked off Day 0 of Viva Technology with a strong start at the private reception hosted by the Embassy of Canada in France, organized by SCALE AI and the Trade Commissioner Service.

The event was impressively organized, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the SCALE AI team, including Isabelle Turcotte, Julien Billot, Charlotte BA, Yassine Lazraq, and Ina F. The presentation at the Embassy was both entertaining and informative.

We were thrilled to attend the panel discussion featuring Amanda Arciero, Brad Scott, Hongwei Liu, and Jack Klejka, who shared valuable insights on strategies to fuel AI demand both domestically and internationally.

At Transformers Academy, we are proud to be supported by the exceptional Trade Commissioner Service, especially with the presence of Anne-Marie Leclerc. It was a pleasure meeting the dedicated team in France, including Thierry Weissenburger, Jacques-Henri Gagnon, Rosmery N., and Clément Thiébault. We also had the honor of meeting Stéphane Lambert, Counselor and Head of Trade, Economic, and Science & Technology Policy.

Special thanks to Laetitia MacDougall for bringing the BC team together and providing an opportunity to learn about our very own BC businesses. After a long day and overcoming jet lag, the dinner was much needed.

VivaTech24 was an incredible event to showcase the latest tech innovations, particularly highlighting Canadian artificial intelligence capabilities. The Canada booth was a standout, thanks to the meticulous organization by SCALE AI.

Reflecting on the Delegation’s Journey

The adventure began with the Canadian AI delegation being convened for a meet and network session at the Embassy of Canada in France | Canadian Embassy in France in Paris, along with the team from the Trade Commission Service. This face-to-face meeting was an opportunity for the 60 Canadian companies in the delegation to share their realities and objectives, and to learn more about the journey of some members of the mission to stimulate demand for Canadian AI both domestically and internationally.

The SCALE AI team inaugurated the Canada Pavilion in Hall 2 of VivaTech alongside over 160 Canadian AI delegates. A sense of pride emanated from the team after assembling a record delegation that wonderfully represents Canadian AI expertise.

On the second day, our CEO Julien Billot had the honor of leading an engaging panel on Canadian AI with the participation of Romain Huet from Open AI and Hugues Fotz from Vooban at the Business France booth. It was an incredible opportunity to share innovative ideas and discuss future trends in our sector.

The third day provided an opportunity to conclude the mission and reflect on the successes of the past few days. It was also a significant moment with the visit of the French Minister of Digital Affairs, Mrs. Ferrari, to the Canada Pavilion. Her presence underscored the importance of Franco-Canadian collaborations in the digital and AI sectors.

The three days concluded with evenings hosted by the Canadian embassy at the official Canadian residence in France. Our delegates and the SCALE AI team had the opportunity to interact with industry leaders in France to strengthen existing collaborations between our two countries and develop new business opportunities.

Highlighting Canadian Spirit at Viva Technology

More than 160 Canadian AI leaders from across the country showcased Canada's technological expertise at Viva Technology, Europe's largest technology event, held last week in Paris.

Read more about the event on our website: Transformers Academy

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We extend our gratitude to the main partner of this SCALE AI mission, the Trade Commissioner Service at the Embassy of Canada in France. Thanks also to our provincial partner Investissement Québec and the provincial teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick for facilitating on-site meetings between European and Canadian players.


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